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Halloween goblin #wip.
Some big ass sketches!
Ghosts and goblins on a piece of bamboo plywood I had laying around.
My Candy Corn goblins for #BewitchingIV @strangerfactory opening this Friday.
Goony as F*ck custom @jcrivera Dead as Fck Champ resin figure for @suburbanvinyl #nycc booth.
A #wip shot of my F*ckin Goon bear champ for the @suburbanvinyl Dead as F*ck custom show at booth 208 #nycc
This looks more sinister than it is. Shipping goblins to @strangerfactory for #BewitchingIV
Candy corn horn sneak peek for #bewitching
I’ve been locked in the basement playing with chemicals for #bewitching.
Pieces for All Small are now available online.