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The cautioner #wip. First color glazing.
Some small woodcut heads! #wip
Iil’ devil for All Small @dreaminplastic this September.
Tall goofy fella under painting. #wip #fridaynightartdorks
One last thing before we go old pal…
For Rotofugi’s 10th anniversary show opening tonight!
10x10 oil on panel. 
- - - - - - - - 
A little backstory…

My father passed away on April of this year. After the service we had for him my wife, overwhelmed by everything, decided to pick up our kids from her sister and head back to our home in New York’s Hudson valley. I remained at my mother’s for several more days. 

That night my wife was rattled awake by our youngest son who needed help going to the potty. When she topped the stairs on her way to the boys bedroom she saw a little boy kneeling down by my art studio doorway. It wasn’t one of our sons and the little boy was gone just as fast as he had appeared. A number of odd things have happened in our house, this was by far the oddest yet also the most comforting. 

Seeing the little apparition didn’t upset my wife but actually helped her to feel better about my fathers passing. Maybe the old man had one last goodbye to say.
A few smaller pieces for Sept. show @dreaminplastic.
Tongue peddler sketches.
This kind of blew my mind… A collectors, daughter’s re-creation of a piece of mine. Awesome job!
Quick little zombie study. 4”x4”.
Looong meeting character sketches.